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International Journal of Sports Technology and Science (IJSTS) is an international journal that aims to create a high-scope international academic platform for both current and novice sports, education, technology and science professionals, scientists, librarians in academic, corporate and public work environments; and here are those who are interested in sports training center and teaching practices. IJSTS is published twice a year; in June and December.

The aim of IJSTS is to promote critical debate on sport, education and training globally. IJSTS aims to develop both new theoretical understandings of sport, education and training, and new understandings of the scope and nature of contemporary sports education technology applications in a variety of settings. It underlines the importance of exploring and reflecting the interplay of local, regional, national and global contexts and dynamics in shaping sports education technology and science internationally.

IJSTS addresses all issues related to the developing and changing world order in terms of sports education and technology globally, including formal, informal and formal methods, as well as the development of cognitive and metacognitive skills.

IJSTS welcomes articles from all prospective authors and especially from academics working on sports, education and technology, both theoretically and practically, worldwide.

IJSTS accepts articles in English only. Authors should use only one writing style (British, American) in their articles.

After creating a membership, you can edit your article from our relevant files and send your article for evaluation on our website. If you have questions, you can easily contact us at editor@globsportsjournal.com

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Vol. 2 No. 1 (2024): [IJSTS] Int. J. Sports Tech. Sci.
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